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In 2008 I had my Remington 700 30/06 re-barreled to 7mm Rem Mag. I wanted to use a fiberglass stock on the rifle but a lack of funds stopped that idea. I thought about it for two years and then in 2010 I made a fiberglass stock for the rifle. In  March 2012 this first stock is still on the 7mm mag and is going well. I have fired 82 shots and taken game out to 476yds with it.

In July 2011 I changed to using carbon fibre to reduce the weight of the stocks and to increase stiffness. 

The stocks are made using a two part mold technique. The cloth is hand laid in the mold with epoxy resin. Extra carbon fibre is placed in the action-pistol grip area to improve the strength. The mold is then vacuum bagged to ensure the proper cloth to resin ratio.

After the two halves of the stock are joined the action area is molded out of epoxy resin. The barrel channel is lined with carbon fibre cloth and resin. The hollow areas of the stock are filled with expanding polyurethane foam. The recoil pad is glued to the stock, to the customer’s specified length of pull, and sling swivel studs are glued in place.

My personal rifle; Remington 700, Trueflite 26" No4 7mm rem mag, Leupold VIII 4.5 -14 x 40LR

My stock


Me and spiker with new stock

First animal taken with my newly re-stocked rifle. A red spiker at 634yds.


Video of the hunt

Anzac weekend hunt

SG Gunstocks stocks