***Due to pending changes in NZ firearms laws I am not currently taking any more orders***


Remington 700 Short action Right hand

pachmayr RP250B recoil pad

Weight of this stock was 587g / 20.7oz

rem700 rh sa
Pachmayr RP250B recoil pad Pachmayr recoil pad
Finished Remington 700 Short action Left hand rem700 lh rifle
Bottom metal on a Remington 700 Short action Left hand bottom metal

Weight in grams for Remington 700 Long action Left hand with a Sims Limbsaver recoil pad.

607g / 21.4oz

The Limbsaver weighed 124g / 4.3oz

weight grams

 A Sako L61R. This stock was modified to give a better cheek weld when fired from a prone position. 

It is chambered in 7mm Practical (7mm/300 win mag)

This stock saved 15oz compared to the original stock.

 Sako L61R
 A Remington 721 Long Action in 7mm Rem Mag. Pillar bedded in to a Rem 700 LA stock. Stock weighed 587g/20.7oz with a Sims Limbsaver recoil pad.
 Rem 721 in a Rem 700 LA RH CF ls stock

 A left hand Remington 700.

This saved nearly 500g/17.6oz compared to the factory laminated stock.

 Richards 270

 A Tikka T3 7mm Remington magnum, Weaver 4.5 -14x 40 Grandslam.


Saving approx 0.5lb off the factory stock

 Tikka T3 rifle
A Reindeer taken by one of my customers in Norway. A Tikka T3 in 7SAUM Reindeer
 Tikka T3  in 280AI  Tikka T3 Haydens

 A red spiker taken with my personal 7mm rem mag. This is the first animal I shot with the new stock on my rifle.

Rifle is a Remington 700, Trueflite No4 26" 7mm rem mag barrel, Leupold VIII 4.5 -14 x 40 LR.

Shot at 634 yds.

 spiker and rifle
Aaron and a bull tahr. Taken with his Tikka T3 7WSM.  Aaron and Tahr
Simon and 8pt Red stag from Pureora. Taken with his Tikka T3 300WSM. Simon carried this rifle around the Lower Glaisnock during the 2013 Wapiti Ballot. The stock came through with flying colours. Simon saw a number of animals, but none came up to his standards Simon and stag

A Remington Model 7 in 7 SAUM. The stock for this rifle is very light 16.5 oz. 

The bare rifle weighs 5 lb 4 oz, with the scope and rings the whole rifle weighs 6lb 10 oz

Model 7 7SAUM
First animal taken with the Remington Model 7 in 7SAUM. A red hind shot at 450yds 7SAUM and hind
Two days after getting his Tikka T3 223 back Shane shot these two deer Shanes deer